No Brainer



    Charm School


   Donkey Oatey


  Don Quixote (look-a-like)


   Fur Piece


   Fur Bit


No Sense of Direction




   One Weigh!


   Tweet Tea Bird


   Shoofly Pie


   Bowl of Grits


   No Thyself (or Know Thyself)


   Cat a Tonic




   Continental Divide


   Pickle Puss—Smooches


   In a Pickle


   Dung Beatle!


   Pickle Puss


Are you ready for some football!



Start Shredding the News . . .



     I'm All Ears!



     Don't Go Brakin' My Heart!



     Tour de Couer



     Hope You Got the Memo



     Coffee Table



     Trophy Wife



     Brake Dancing



Mark's Susan B. Komen Race for the Cure-Put the Brakes on Breast Cancer



   Sittin' on the Dock of the Brake



   Block of Time






  Screw Ewe



  Holy Mole; Holy Ghost; Holy Cow



The Wheels on the Butt Go Round and Round



When Cooler Heads Prevailed



      Charged with a Salt



    One of a King or [Play the race card]



      Vapor Trail



      Sour Puss



    Brain Storm



    End of Thyme



    When Nature Calls



    The "Chores" of Tripoli



    Jesus Christ I solved the DaVinci code hooray



    Pear of Scissors



    Au Pair



    Pear of Jacks



    Splitting Hairs



    Ring Pearer






    Diced Pear






    Six Degrees of Se-pear-ation






    Head quarter; fore quarters; hind quarters



    Dolly Part-toe-n



    That's knot reel!



    Not everone can be a weiner!



    Why tie the knot?



    Ink outside the Box



    Monster Mash



    Knot for nothing






    A Bump on a Log



    Ghost of Christmas Plaque



    Wright Angle



    Put your money where your mouth is



    Cue Tip



    Feather Weight



    File Cabinet






    Lamb Chops



    Kiss of Death



    Rack of Lamb



    Bed Bug



    Butt of Coarse



    Smart Dresser



    T n T



    Bullet Holes



    Cue Card



    G Spot



    The Gnu Black



    Figure Head



    Hurricane Season



    Horn of Plenty



    Raised by the Bottle



    Pail Face



    Barrel of Monkeys



    Breast of Fresh Air






    Ketel of Fish






    Gnome de Plume



    Is that Awl's that's left



    Robotic Foreplay



    Plastered and Got Busted



    Gnomesone Dove



    Four Cell by Owner



    Control Freak



    Out of Sink



    Hot Lap Dance






    Top of the Mourning



    No Brainer as a Reminder :-)


    Death Wish



    Impressive Stools



    Cher; The Road



    Tip Jar



    You got me honey... I'm screwed



    Bit by Bit



    Beat the System






    Crate and Peril



    Digital Watch



    A Bit of Class






    Spine Tingling



    Pick of the Litter



    Cultured Pearl



    A bit Moor



    Pushing the Envelope



    The End of Two Bits



    Second Hand Junk



    Bee That Way



    Forty Five is the New Fluffy



    Ducks in a Row



    Where Yeast Meets Wets



    Ripe for a Fight



    Thinking Outside the Box



    The Tern of the Screw



    Tern Key



    One Good Turn



    Mid Tern Erection



    Peace Cymbal



    Grate Ninds Think Alike



    Peace of Shit



    Clogged Arteries



    Straining to Hear



    Clogged Pipes



    Clogged Pours



    Peace of Mind



    Drip Drop



    Money Down the Drain



    What's the Point?



    Beets Me



    MAO Inhibitor



    Wing and a Prayer



    Out of Sight



    Prying Nun



    A Cold Heart



    Go Whole Hog



    Hi on the Hog



    Hog Tied



    A Nonobservant Jew






    Counter Culture






    Mixed Message



    Black Lights Matter



    Marking Time



    Face Value



    I'm fighting tooth and nail to win this week's prize



    Four Clothes on the House



    Pet Rock



    Spotty Record



    Resting on Your Laurels



    Back to the Drawing Board



    Let Us Pray



    Stop Whining



    Lettuce Entertain You



    Scents of Time



    Thyme Passing



    Big Fan



    Chapped Lips



Bill once said to Hillary.

  "It's on record. My relationship with her was PURELY Platonic."



Hat Czech



Porn Star



Prime Minister



Field Dressing



Starting from Scratch



Jewish Gilt



Nick of Thyme



One Horny Dude



Foot in Door



Palm Tree



Keep Your Eyes on the Board



Slowly Butt Shirley



Lying through Your Teeth



Whaling Wall



Drug Mule



Weight Time



Weight Your Turn



Food for Thought



High Five



CHILL-ean Sea Bass



Out of Luck



Cash Bar



Cocaine Artwork/Termite Tunnel



Critical Mass



Handy Man



No Filter



Fallen Arches



Ruth Less


Slap Dash


Sex Drive


    Lily Pull-itzer


    Hash Tag


    Any Weight, Shape or Form


    Plane Jane


    Mission Creep


    Egg-Cellent Menu


    Cousin Zit




    Setting the Record Straight


    Thyme is Money


    Back Slash




    Bits and Peace's


    Figure of Speech


    Pad the Bill


    Semi Colon








    Triple Dicker


   All over the Map


  Cash Flow


  Check Mark


    Color Check


    Playing Ketchup


    Bridge of Size(Sighs)


    Veil of Tears


    Open Arms


    Tapped K'Egg


    OH Baby!


    Dixie Cups


    Tower of Babel


    Rolling Stop


    Home on the Range


    Pissing Match


    First Impression


    My Southern Roots Are Showing


    Cash and Carrie


    Odd Duck


    Standing Water


    The World Is My Oyster


    Traveling Salesman


    Gated Community


    Sweet Spot


    Clothes Horse


    Page Burner


    High Percentage


    Dog Leg


    Smith and Bartlett


    Pay My Respect


    Play It by Ear


    Creatue of Habit


    Part Garfunkel


    Baby Boomer


    Game of Thrones


    Brush with Death


    Happy Holidaze!


    Shell of a Man


    Sole of an Artist


    Fish Bowl


    Big Shot Little Shot


    Breaking the Silence


    Deer Hold


    Lumbar Jacks


    Happy Go Lucky


    Bumper Crop


    Chop Skewy


    Pepto Le Pew


    It's the Thought That Counts


    Just a Fluke


    Slip of the Finger


Next to Last, Last Man Standing, The Happy Cobbler


    Last But Not Least


    The Last Goodbye


    Climate Change


Coffee with Creme


Lo Key


    Cereal Killer


Lip Service


    Foot Noose




    Drag Race


Charred and Feathered




    Wax Poetic


Ranch House


    Exercise Your Brain


    Ketchup on Things


    Err on Side of Caution


    My Lips are Sealed


    Corn Dog




    Billed Out


    Coat of Arms


    Chicken Fingers


    Shoe Horn


    Talking Heads


    Beacon of Liberty


    Diminishing Returns


    Prosciutt of happiness


    Check Mate


    Draw he Blinds


    Relief Pitcher


    Navel Carrier


    Love in Vein


    Tea & A




    Tea & A






    Covid 19 Exit Pace


    The Casting Couch


    Eye Phone


    Me So Soup


    Hand Eye Coordination


    Data Dump


    Fur Load


    Potato Skins


    Cutting Coroners


    Lip Sink




    Cinco de Mayo


    Hairway to Heaven


    Horn of Plenty


    Thyme on My Hands


    Hair Trigger


    Sunny Side Up


    Bathing Trunks






    Fare thee Well


    Booty Call


    Well come




    Mums the Word


    Pussy Whipped


    Beetle Bait


    Foot Notes


    Cash Injection


    Cart Blanch


    N Your Face


    Track Record


    Train of Thought


    Noes Job


    Bong with the Wind


    State of the Art




    It (or Itt) Depends


    Pedaling Lies


    Don't Be a Litterbug


    The Gnu Norm


    Bag of Coke


    Pedaling Lies


    Don't Be a Litterbug


    Ban Joe


    Butt Lift


    I've red this yarn about brass balls before and I no Leica it


    Hand Picked


    Head Over Peels


    Global Hamdemic


    No Idea


    Heart Felt


    Steak Holder


    Meet and Greet


    Pat Say Jack


    Baby on Board


    Bear In Mind


    Torch Is Passed




    Square Root of Pie


    Heir Freshener


    Heir Hockey


    Safe Sex


    Bobby Pen


    Lazer Focused


    Light Weight


    Home Safe


    The Ultimate Driving Record


    Drumming up New Soccer Fans


    Trash Talk


    Berth Defect


    Four Stages of Dating


    Red my ABC's


    Condo Mints


    Lap Dance


    Darn It


    Pour House


    Bare Handed


    I'll Do It By Hand


    Tea Cup


    Bee War of the Dog


    Babe Roof


    Fashion Plate


    Pig Skins


    Whine Bar


    Profound Udderances




    Bell Boy


    Roll Model


    Fish and Kicks


    Rock and Roll


    Pride goeth before a fall


    Think Tank


    Dash Board




    Whistile Stop


    A People Person


    Lessor of Two Evils


    Sticky Buns


    When the Shit Hits the Fan


    Ketch Hell




    Finger Food


    You're in Trouble




    Change of Heart




    Nail Biter


    Steeple Chase




    Plumb Bob


    Hollywood Mogul


    Cover Your Ass


    State of Denial


    Run Into the Ground


    Empty Promises


    Governer DeSandwich Takes over Disney


    Olive Us off the Bus


    Pier Pressure


    Legal Landscape


    Bi Polar


    Royal Treatment


    Cured Ham


    Mark's Feeling Groovy


    Mark on a Roll


    Mind Blowing


    Chairman(person) of the Board


    Finish Line


    State of Alarm




    Skip to My Loo


    Lilly Putin


    Lion's Share/h2>


    Cottage Industry


    Shit for Brains


    Brain Drain


    Draggin My Ass


    Storm Seller


    Swift Boat


    Out of Excess of Caution


    Blind Spot


    Death Trap


    The Knight is Young


    Under Foot


    Bach Hand


    Train of Thought

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