This has got to be one of my VERY favorites (referring to Shear-ling on Dr. Mark's "Other Half" page)!! In a universe of "all good" this is "even better."  —Pat Harrell - FL

"Mark provided us with an outstanding rendition of our special friend, Chuck E...we unpacked him, stared at each other with a snicker, and busted out in laughter. We are amazed at how Mark assembled our favorite dog from wood and other odds and ends into a magnificent bench for our garden. What a masterpiece!!!!"  —Patrick Campbell - Washington, DC

"Sublime."  —Donna - St. Louis, MO (referring to the Oscar Meyer Oscar on the "Reverse Osmosis" page)

"Love my PIG...he looks so grand on the front porch with a red christmas bow. So far children riding their bikes have stopped and looked curiously. The porcupine reminds me of how creative my friends were using colanders and kitchen utensils to create a tin man of sorts for our homecoming skit. But the porcupine gets the prize. Thanks again."  —Peggy - Fort Lauderdale, FL

And several seasons later... "This guy is a show stopper. ... go figure!"  —Peggy - Fort Lauderdale, FL

You are just a great man!—Just a heck of a man!—now I dare you to print this! got-ya!  —ol Roff - Lodi, CA

I can not ever thank you enough for the amazing sheep you made for my Mom’s 75th birthday! She is crazy about it! In my entire life the only thing I have known my Mom to “covet” is a piece of your art. You are such a fabulous man with incredible talent.
Thanks so much. —Karyn Hill - Gainsville, FL

"I JUST LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!U ARE ON THE RIGHT ROAD NOW!!!!!!!!!!" —Juanita Leonard - Montgomery, LA

"Wow! Mark, I don't know whether I love it or hate it, but it won't let me stand in the middle. I alternate. That's a mind blower. Ascension. Wow. This demands pondering, and that's a fact. Is it funny? Yes. Irreverent or holy? I don't know. Congratulations. It won't let me not think/feel something about it, but it won't sit still long enough for me to figure out what. Wow. Thank you for sending. That is amazing. To a fallen Catholic boy such as myself, that is just downright something. I don't know what, but absolutely something. Hands of God pulling the string. God the caller back to heaven and the toy player. That needs a real art critic to do it justice. I'm just going to hit send and thank you again for sending. I'll be thinking about this for a while." —John McFadden - Chicago, IL

"Genius." —Laura Wadzinski - Minneapolis, MN

"Pardon my language!!!!!!!!!! Damn it, That's art!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  —ol Roff - Lodi CA

"That's beautiful. When is it going to start to stink?" —Barry Darnell aka Mobile Slim - Macon, GA

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