Lucky Duck


   School of Fish


   Fish Tiles


   Ammo dillo


   Bang Bang


   My Pace


   Not for S(n)ail




   From Maryland


      "Ain't no Guppy..."


Me Tongue is Silver!


   "Said the night wind to the little..."




   Pink Friend


   Flamingo Head


   To a Flame


   Moth Calls


   Terminator Envy


     Cockroach Catch


   Rooster in "H" House


     Doo a Doodle Cockster


   Mousey Mouse


       Cheese Be Gone


   Night Vision


     Raccoon Rock Star


   Love U!!!


     Chicken Head


   Saucy Duck


       Bird of Pond


   Chicken Fun


       Chicken Chair


   American Eagle


       Gone Swimmin'


   Catch a Fish


       A Spoonbill


   Slowski Wannabe


       Dream of Green


   From Maine


       Butter Dodger


       Stuck in this Position


       Lil' One


       Duck, Duck, _____


       Pepe Air Freshener


       Meemp Meemp


   Good Luck


   From Florida


   See Horse


   Silver Fishy


   A Turtle of Lenses


   Go Fish


   Buzz Saw


   See Bee

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